Guide to Tacoma

Tacoma sits on the Puget Sound about 30 miles southwest of Seattle and is home to an assortment of excellent restaurants. Tacoma’s reputation has been improving in the last several years due to the city’s revitalization of the downtown area. Many of Tacoma’s best restaurants have stunning views of Mount Rainier and the Puget Sound, creating a little extra romance during an already great evening. C.I. Shenanigans is directly on the waterfront and during the warmer months (usually just August) patrons can enjoy their meals on the restaurant’s patio. Varsity Grill isn’t quite as classy, but is widely regarded as Tacoma’s best sports bar and restaurant. Varsity is full of flat-screen TVs and has a huge projector screen for big games. For a classic dining experience, there might not be a better restaurant in Tacoma than Pacific Grill. Anything that diners desire can be found in this beautiful city on the edge of the Sound. More

Scenes from Tacoma
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