Seattle Bars and Clubs - Seattle Nightclubs

Those into the nightclub scene won’t be disappointed by Seattle’s vast array of clubbing options. Love grinding on sweaty strangers? Seattle’s dance clubs won’t disappoint. The Emerald City has a huge list of clubs to choose from and feature musical selections of all kinds, from indie to house to hip-hop. Most Seattle nightclubs have VIP booths for patrons who want to kick back and watch the crowds. The War Room on Pike is a chill Seattle nightclub dedicated to creative cocktails and plush seating. Trinity Night Club is a multi-level dance club featuring several different dance floors, each with its own vibe. Whether you’re in the mood for trendy dance clubs or chill nightspots, Seattle’s nightclubs are varied enough for anybody to find one that fits.
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Aqua Lounge

309 First Ave. S, Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.622.5826
Slick DJs keep the dance party rolling at the Aqua Lounge in Seattle blending a hot mix of trance, hip-hop, old school and funk for the club masses teeming out of the lounge area and dance floor. As an added bonus the Aqua Lounge kicks it until 4am on Fridays and Saturdays so hipsters and dance freaks can chill out after hours style. Also, this Seattle nightclub lets the kids get in on the action with 18+ nights on Wednesdays and Sundays when they really should be doing their homework.

Baltic Room

1207 Pine Street, Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.625.4444
The Baltic Room, a posh Seattle nightclub, caters to a hip and eclectic mix of dance clubbers and drinkers getting their groove on under the lights on the ever-packed dance floor. The real draw, and subsequently why the Baltic Room is wall to wall nearly every night, are the sick DJs manning the decks dropping some serious beats spanning all tunage funky, hip and blazing from all over the world which also creates another great draw at Seattle's Baltic Room: the multi-ethnic parade of hotties, pickup artists, metros, ravers, freaks, straights and gays. The party gets slammin' at the Baltic Room and you've got to check their theme nights that always draw a fun, energetic cavalcade of frenetic dancers showing their dance club chops.


1510 11th Ave., Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.325.8263
Cool and laid back, Barca is a hip Seattle nightclub that is heavily steeped in Euro-style modern elegance while retaining an unpretentious attitude. The space from inside and out is simply stunning and the design touches at Barca almost make you feel as though you should be paying a lot more, but their drinks—even their good selection of wine and ports—are all very reasonable. Also, this hip Seattle lounge sports nearly 20 beers on tap, from domestic favorites to import staples, and Barca has the largest collection of premium and specialty vodkas that we have ever seen. All of this posh sophistication is presided over by resident DJs spinning down tempo chill tunes for the low key Seattle crowds.

Last Supper Club

124 S. Washington St., Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.748.9975
A premier dance club in Seattle's Pioneer Square, the Last Supper Club caters to a dressed to impress clubber crowd that starts packing in after 10 for some mainstream house and hip-hop booty shaking. Surprisingly though, this Seattle nightclub also does an outstanding dinner menu for those that seek inclusiveness in their night out. If you want to take advantage of the Last Supper Club's posh lounge area, you'd better assemble your crew or your date early because after 11pm nearly every seat in the house is taken and the slick guest and resident DJs crank up the beats for the burgeoning dance floor masses. Also, the Last Supper Club does something that some other upscale nightclubs in Seattle don't: pour you stiff drinks for your hard earned cash.

The War Room

722 E Pike St., Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.328.7666
The War Room is a decidedly hip and low-key Seattle nightclub where lounging on sleek designer sofas and sipping cocktails often takes precedence over dancing. Unlike other Seattle lounges, The War Room isn't a snob washed trendy "ultra-lounge" that makes you pay through the nose for some faux image bolstering. The War Room is just a kicked back venue to hear some eclectic beats spun by resident DJs and chill without the worries of losing your shirt on one drink and being passed over conversationally for some metro sporting a Beemer. Also, The War Room has a totally chill rooftop deck that's perfect for afternoon or nighttime imbibing.

Trinity Night Club

111 Yesler Way, Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.447.4140
This three roomed, multi-level dance club and lounge is stylishly decked out just like the twenty-something Seattle clubbers that pack into Trinity Nightclub for heavy drinks and beats. Some of Seattle's top spinners man the decks in each of Trinity's three rooms popping off three distinct vibes, with national and international talent rolling through and dropping beats when they're in town. Cocktails can get a little pricey here, but the dressed to impress ogling set doesn't seem to mind while they get their kicks from more than just energy drinks.
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