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Plush furniture, trendy cocktails and over-dressed crowds characterize Seattle’s lounges, but it’s not all bad. Seattle manages to keep the lounges as unpretentious as possible, while still being lounges. Plus, what’s better than kicking back on a cushy couch with a microbrew or cocktail after a long day of work? Barca in downtown Seattle proudly serves about 20 beers on tap—not to bad for a lounge, or any type of bar for that matter. Plus, some of Seattle’s best DJs keep the crowd relaxed by spinning chill beats. The See Sound Lounge is another favorite of Seattle locals that is known for hip beats and strong cocktails. Their delicious tapas are great for sharing, and soaking up the booze. If you’re in the mood for an upscale cocktail lounge, then The Sitting Room is the place to be.
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Aqua Lounge

309 First Ave. S, Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.622.5826
Slick DJs keep the dance party rolling at the Aqua Lounge in Seattle blending a hot mix of trance, hip-hop, old school and funk for the club masses teeming out of the lounge area and dance floor. As an added bonus the Aqua Lounge kicks it until 4am on Fridays and Saturdays so hipsters and dance freaks can chill out after hours style. Also, this Seattle nightclub lets the kids get in on the action with 18+ nights on Wednesdays and Sundays when they really should be doing their homework.

Aristocrat's Club Bar & Grill

220 Fourth S., Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.748.9779
The two floors at Aristocrat's Club Bar and Grill in Seattle are constantly packed with eager club kids grinding out the weekend at this hip lounge and dance club. Aristocrat's Club Bar is seriously one of the best nightclubs in Seattle for world-class DJs manning the decks every night; their revolving slate of top spinners showcases some of Seattle's best with some international beat scientists peppering the mix. The upstairs at Aristocrat's houses the packed dance floor and bar for the freaks and the dim downstairs lounge offers a more chill space.

Baltic Room

1207 Pine Street, Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.625.4444
The Baltic Room, a posh Seattle nightclub, caters to a hip and eclectic mix of dance clubbers and drinkers getting their groove on under the lights on the ever-packed dance floor. The real draw, and subsequently why the Baltic Room is wall to wall nearly every night, are the sick DJs manning the decks dropping some serious beats spanning all tunage funky, hip and blazing from all over the world which also creates another great draw at Seattle's Baltic Room: the multi-ethnic parade of hotties, pickup artists, metros, ravers, freaks, straights and gays. The party gets slammin' at the Baltic Room and you've got to check their theme nights that always draw a fun, energetic cavalcade of frenetic dancers showing their dance club chops.


1510 11th Ave., Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.325.8263
Cool and laid back, Barca is a hip Seattle nightclub that is heavily steeped in Euro-style modern elegance while retaining an unpretentious attitude. The space from inside and out is simply stunning and the design touches at Barca almost make you feel as though you should be paying a lot more, but their drinks—even their good selection of wine and ports—are all very reasonable. Also, this hip Seattle lounge sports nearly 20 beers on tap, from domestic favorites to import staples, and Barca has the largest collection of premium and specialty vodkas that we have ever seen. All of this posh sophistication is presided over by resident DJs spinning down tempo chill tunes for the low key Seattle crowds.

Belmont Lounge

204 Belmont Ave. E, Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.322.5028
The Belmont Lounge is a stunningly elegant bar in Seattle to while away a few hours with a few of their signature cocktails among their hip and sexy regulars. The Belmont Lounge also offers nightly happy hours to keep your wallet happy and there couldn't be a cooler bar in the area for a romantic after dinner drink, especially if you're in need of a little image bolstering. Also, if you're in need of a little nosh, this sophisticated Seattle lounge offers an excellent tapas style menu provided by the B&O Bistro next door.


704 1st Avenue, Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.264.9570
Bonzai, a sleek hipster dance club and lounge in Seattle, gets the weekend dance clubbers kicked into high gear with throbbing DJ beats spun by some of Seattle's premier mixers. If dancing on the packed floor gets to be a little much, the lounge area at Bonzai offers a super chill alternative for drinks and conversation. Not only is this Seattle nightclub a hotspot for the dressed to impress club set, but Bonzai is also open for lunch and dinner featuring an excellent selection of sushi and Asian fusion cuisine.


1600 Melrose Ave., Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.447.4180
Chapel is easily one of the busiest restaurants and bars in Seattle catering to discerning, well dressed twenty and thirty-somethings out for a night of good food and premium pours. The space itself at Chapel is stunning—it's a converted funeral home—and alone it's definitely worth the trip, but this little snippet isn't about architecture and you're unlikely to find a bunch of Goths moodily sipping their imports. Chapel starts getting busy with scenesters right at happy hour that's just blazing with martini specials and this hot Seattle lounge doesn't let up until closing. Slick DJs man the decks most nights providing down tempo beats during dinner and stepping up the tunes and the bass later in the evening with eclectic musical stylings spanning genres.

Chop Suey

1325 E Madison St., Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.324.8000
Chop Suey is a stylish Seattle club that caters to a hip crowd with its heavy pours from the bar and its eclectic musical stylings from local Seattle live music acts, some national touring bands and some beat DJs. Chop Suey's interior looks as if someone rolled through a Chinatown garage sale, but had a better eye for style and retro kitsch than when your mom used to birddog one five blocks away and say "we'll just stop for a minute." When popular local bands play or one of Seattle's top spinners mans the decks at Chop Suey, get there early because even though the layout at this Seattle live music club is crowd friendly, it can get a little cramped at sold out shows. Packed or not though, Chop Suey always keeps you fueled with plenty of booze.


807 1st Avenue, Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.447.7704
Hipsters, scenesters and aural junkies flock to this smallish Seattle dance club and lounge for raucous partying until the wee hours of the morning. Contour stays open until the sun rises on the weekends and this isn't some lame after party spot, they keep the slick DJs dropping beats the entire time and this Seattle club is seriously packed the entire time. During the week, Contour closes at the usual time, but that certainly doesn't mean that this joint is any less crowded and, you really wouldn't think it, but the food here is way above average.

Del Rey

2332 1st Avenue, Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.770.3228
Hip and sexy, the Del Rey in Seattle is a hotspot bar, restaurant and lounge where the masterfully poured stiff drinks barely edge out the excellent cuisine. The interior of this art deco masterpiece is bathed in ambient red hues that give anyone a couple of extra rungs on the ever-sliding (usually because of rampant imbibing) hotness ladder and the Del Rey keeps cool beats rocking all night long. Also, the cuisine at this Seattle restaurant and lounge is served small plate style for sharing and is always interesting. Sporting two happy hours, from 4-7pm and 11pm-1am, keeps the Del Rey packed with chic scenesters lounging with plentiful cocktails provided by the attentive staff.

Lizzard Lounge

2325 California Ave. SW, Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.923.0877
With a chic, trendy look and a Seattle neighborhood bar attitude, the Lizzard Lounge is a great place on the Westside to down some good booze at below market rate prices while orally perusing their fine selection of drafts. Also, the service staff at the Lizzard Lounge is friendly, chatty and treat you as a long time regular even if this is your cherry popping visit; during the week it's mostly West Seattle locals bellying up to the bar, but the weekends see a heavy increase in patrons with steady decreases in age and clothing.

Mirabeau Room

529 Queen Anne Ave. N, Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.628.0888
If you're going to pull off a major renovation of a beloved Seattle bar then you'd better do it right and the Mirabeau Room, which replaced the old dive piano bar Sorry Charlie's, certainly did it right. The Mirabeau Room is now a swank Seattle nightclub and lounge that is still hip and retro cool in that Vegas hey-day style ala The Rat Pack. Hipsters and the eclectic mix of old-time regulars held over from the Sorry Charlie's days to become fans of the new incarnation crowd over the bar and plush booths. The weekends at the Mirabeau Room are packed with partiers grooving out to revolving DJs spinning genre splitting dance tunes or public voyeurs taking in the burlesque shows. The slate of loyal regulars still hit this Seattle nightclub for weekday happy hours when Sorry Charlie's revered piano man Howard Bulson takes his proper seat at the grand and starts tickling the ivories showering the crowd with his famed renditions.

Noc Noc

1516 2nd Ave., Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.223.1333
Heck, Noc Noc is all you could ever want in a Seattle bar, dance club and lounge all under one booze soaked and beat heavy roof. Popping in after work, regulars take full advantage of Noc Noc's infamous happy hour when the bar is like a homey local retreat, but when the sun slips over the horizon, this bar turns into one of Seattle's busiest dance clubs featuring a slew of genre destroying DJs keeping the party going. If dancing isn't quite your gig, Noc Noc also sports a pool table and some comfortably worn couches to plop down on and take in the scene.

Paragon Restaurant & Bar

2125 Queen Anne Ave. N, Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.283.4548
Well heeled 30-somethings crowd into this chic Seattle restaurant and lounge for some cool jazz or blues stylings from live music acts that sometimes break away from their down tempo norms. Paragon Restaurant and Bar does some excellent cuisine for their "dressed for a night on the town" patrons in a decidedly American rooted culinary vein and the drinks are poured expertly, if not particularly heavy from the stylish bar. Paragon is a Seattle bar for a romantic date over a let's booze it up and see where the night takes us sort of one.


425 NW Market St., Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.781.4883
The new cocktail lounge for the French restaurant powerhouse Le Gourmand, Sambar is a classy and intimate spot for discerning cocktail lovers. Seriously, the bartenders at Sambar have an encyclopedic knowledge of drinks and they are all masters of the mixing arts. This hip Seattle lounge also offers small appetizer plates prepared by Le Gourmand from cheese plates and salads to heartier French country fare.

SeaMonster Lounge

2202 N 45th St., Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.633.1824
The SeaMonster Lounge is a hip little Seattle bar that tries, and succeeds, at being more than just your average drinking establishment. The intimate space is made to feel more open and airy thanks to the SeaMonster Lounge's no smoking policy and the sheer friendliness of the staff. Also the cocktails are poured pretty stiff which probably lends to the amicable vibe and the eclectic lineup of Seattle local live music acts always delivers. Plus the tapas style menu at the SeaMonster Lounge is created using fresh organic ingredients so they're tasty and the menu aims to satisfy both carnivores and vegetarians.

See Sound Lounge

115 Blanchard St., Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.374.3733
The See Sound Lounge is a scenester meeting spot favored by Seattle's beautiful people, but don't let your less than stellar wardrobe put you off from this hip bar and lounge because the cocktails—while most of the house variations are on the saccharine side—are poured heavy using premium booze and there's also a decent selection of beer and wine available. The See Sound Lounge also does some excellent and eclectic fare from their kitchen leaning more toward the small plate tapas style that is a step above other Seattle lounge's bar munchies. Resident DJs provide the background noise for lounging conversationalists and the mingling hordes of chic Seattle drinkers that pack into the See Sound Lounge nightly.

The Green Room

1426 First Ave., Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.628.3151
The Green Room, the loungier area attached to Seattle's live music mainstay, the Showbox, is a great spot for a little swank pre-show imbibing. The Green Room serves premium liquor with a good selection of beers that gets packed with hipsters even when there's no band playing the Showbox that night because the vibe is laid back and unpretentious, welcoming everyone at one of Seattle's best venues. The Green Room even offers food nightly for a good price and has a basement lair with plenty of intimate seating for when the rush of the bar crowds gets to be a little much.

The O Lounge

2208 Queen Anne Ave., Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.352.6594
The O Lounge focuses on presenting a classy atmosphere to dine on some way above par Thai cuisine and sip on their innovative twists on some classic and trendy cocktails. The interior of this Seattle Thai restaurant and lounge is wholly inviting with just the right amount of romantic alluring. Also, try and catch happy hour over at The O Lounge where there are special prices on their small plate fare combined with a few bucks knocked off their cocktail prices.

The Sitting Room

108 West Roy, Seattle Washington; Tel. 206.285.2830
The Sitting Room maintains that often sought after ambiance and style of being an upscale dining and cocktail experience but without any degree of pretentiousness. This hip and romantic Seattle restaurant and lounge serves European influenced small plate appetizers and lighter fare that pair well with the Sitting Room's extensive wine, cocktail and beer selections.

The War Room

722 E Pike St., Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.328.7666
The War Room is a decidedly hip and low-key Seattle nightclub where lounging on sleek designer sofas and sipping cocktails often takes precedence over dancing. Unlike other Seattle lounges, The War Room isn't a snob washed trendy "ultra-lounge" that makes you pay through the nose for some faux image bolstering. The War Room is just a kicked back venue to hear some eclectic beats spun by resident DJs and chill without the worries of losing your shirt on one drink and being passed over conversationally for some metro sporting a Beemer. Also, The War Room has a totally chill rooftop deck that's perfect for afternoon or nighttime imbibing.


1904 Fourth Ave., Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.267.1017
Toi is a trendy Seattle nightspot bar and Thai restaurant for a hip see and be seen set of biz pros and beautiful people to dine, mingle and drink. Toi gets seriously packed on a nightly basis, but usually the excellent Thai cuisine is just a prop in the mating performance of life of this casual yet dressy Seattle crowd. On the weekends, be prepared to wait in line for a table in the dining room because reservations at the happening Toi are only taken Fridays and Saturdays for parties of six or more, besides you can chill with some well-prepared cocktails in the sleek lounge and maybe pick up one more for dinner.

Triangle Lounge

3507 Fremont Pl. N, Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.632.0880
The Triangle Lounge houses an eclectic scene of Seattle boozers and hipsters that pop in this local bar and lounge to while away a few hours over the Triangle Lounge's dangerous cocktails. The low lit room as an understated ambiance like it doesn't know how cool it really is or knows and just doesn't care. The Triangle Lounge serves up some decent fare along with their potent potables and the crowds at this Seattle lounge are endlessly entertaining.

Trinity Night Club

111 Yesler Way, Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.447.4140
This three roomed, multi-level dance club and lounge is stylishly decked out just like the twenty-something Seattle clubbers that pack into Trinity Nightclub for heavy drinks and beats. Some of Seattle's top spinners man the decks in each of Trinity's three rooms popping off three distinct vibes, with national and international talent rolling through and dropping beats when they're in town. Cocktails can get a little pricey here, but the dressed to impress ogling set doesn't seem to mind while they get their kicks from more than just energy drinks.

Twilight Exit

2051 E Madison St., Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.324.7462
This low-key hipster spot is a little off the beaten path, but your search will be well rewarded when you stumble into Twilight Exit and get transported back to a retro swinger heyday bachelor pad. This Seattle bar and lounge pours 'em strong for their growing pantheon of regulars that start arriving early to kick it to some rockin' tunage from the jukebox and get chatty with other locals. Twilight Exit on the weekends is a packed house filled with scenesters and hipsters alike boozing it up. On Sundays, karaoke rules and the local lung monkeys that belt it out at Twilight Exit are actually quite good, but we'll still take a few extra drinks to contend with all that anyway. Seriously, Twilight Exit is one of the last Seattle bars that isn't completely discovered by the masses—so become a regular before everybody else does and watch your hip quotient rise a few notches.


2332 2nd Ave., Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.956.8423
An upscale lounge in the hip retro variety, Viceroy has a firm hold on chic lounging in Belltown's club dominated scene. Biz pros head to the Viceroy straight from the boardroom and in the early evening this Seattle lounge is very much a "mover and shaker" bar, but nightly the hip, the scenesters and trendsters start packing in for a sip off the ultra-premium and heavy handed booze teat amid the low lighting and designer furniture. The music is made up of decidedly down tempo chill beats perfect for conversing over cocktails; Viceroy knows exactly what it wants from their club and exquisitely delivers it.

W Seattle Hotel Bar

1112 4th Ave., Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.264.6000
This swank and sophisticated hotspot in Seattle for the beautiful set, W pours ultra-premium cocktails and serves appetizers and entrees that rival the chicness of the décor. The see and be seen trendy crowds start packing into W Hotel Bar straight from the office to this Seattle bar and lounge's luxurious confines that usually holds them rapt in a sea of swank all night long. Insiders at W don't even look at the bar menu for a nosh, instead waving their manicured hands for the full menu that is available from the hotel's award winning restaurant, Earth and Ocean.

West 5

4539 California Ave. SW, Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.935.1966
Hip and sleek, the West 5 lounge has been attracting stylish imbibers of the oh so sacred booze to its West Seattle hood for some down home grub and late night raucous partying. Twenty and thirty-something scenesters pack in to West 5 for the premium booze poured heavy by talented mixologists that have seemingly memorized the entirety of the libation library and all of the variation appendices, so if you're into a little game of stump the bartender, prepare to get your butt kicked. The food stuffs at this as yet undiscovered by the masses Seattle lounge, as stated, are traditionally down home from mama's kitchen in the mac and cheese, meatloaf and sloppy joe '70s style with some lighter fare rounding out the menu for the health conscious.
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