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Ah yes, college bars. "College bar" in Seattle is actually slang for "dive bar close enough to UW or Seattle U to stumble home from." Seattle's college bars are fun for anybody who appreciates a laid back, young crowd that is looking to get drunk on a budget. Most of these college bars feature drink specials that help keep money in your pocket for, yes, more pitchers. The aptly named College Inn Pub has everything a studious UW bar hopper needs: great location, cheap drinks and pub grub. Earl's On The Avenue fills with students who know about their reputation for making seriously stiff drinks. Rumor has it that you're only allowed two of their infamous Long Island's per night—they’re that strong. Belltown Billiards provides Seattle's college students a place to mingle over drinks and pool. The Seattle area has plenty of universities, ideal for young crowds to bar hop.
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Ballroom in Fremont

456 N. 36th St., Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.634.2575
The Ballroom in Fremont is a warehouse style Seattle billiards bar and dance club that caters to a decidedly chill mix of ex-frat boys, hotties, hipsters and sharks that crowd the nine pool tables, the bar and the dance floor on the weekends doing their thing, whatever it is. The weekends see slick DJs dropping beats for the ravenous dance clubbers gyrating on the packed floor while during the week a house CD player does the job with ease. The drinks at the Ballroom in Fremont are reasonable, potent and come at you fast, but to help you out with all that, this Seattle bar and nightclub offers a homey mix of comfort food.

Belltown Billiards

90 Blanchard St., Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.448.6779
During the day, Belltown Billiards in Seattle is an upscale pool hall and lunch spot for the biz pro set, but when the nine to fivers vacate this billiards bar takes on a whole new persona. At night, Belltown Billiards is wall to wall with college kids getting their heavy drink on and shooting some stick or chopping it up on the dance floor to this Seattle club's resident DJs. On the weekends, the pool tables seem wholly superfluous as Belltown Billiards is the hotspot to hook up—shooting pool would just get in the way of a young crowd's real bar priorities anyway.

Big Time Brewery & Alehouse

4133 University Way NE, Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.545.4509
With a revolving slate of their best tap brews dependent on the season, Big Time Brewery and Alehouse has been a Seattle neighborhood bar institution, packed with eager University of Washington beer swillers, for years. In fact the entirety of the U Dub clan—from the student body to the profs—drink and eat at Big Time Brewery and while the fare is average at best, it's decidedly priced and prepared for the student budget and palate. But, heck, the showstopper at this Seattle brewery, like all breweries, is the beer, that is also available in handy sizes to go for at home consumption.

College Inn Pub

4006 University Way NE, Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.634.2307
A completely laid back local Seattle bar filled with students and faculty from the University of Washington, the appropriately named College Inn Pub sports excellent pub food to go along with its good selection of tap brews and full bar. The "study breaks" at the College Inn Pub usually start out as just that until the crowds realize they've been in the utterly comfortable atmosphere for a few hours and really haven't gotten anything done because there's always someone to talk to at this Seattle bar and conversation is a few steps above your normal bar drivel.

Dante's Steak & Grog

5300 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.525.1300
With over 10 TVs and more bar distractions than should be allowed, Dante's Steak and Grog is a Seattle sports bar that decidedly caters to the U Dub crowd. Seriously, if your favorite team isn't exactly doing you proud on the televisions you can drown your sorrows in one of Dante's many beers on tap while you focus your attention on a game of pool, darts, foosball, air hockey or pinball making this below market priced Seattle college bar more fun to drink at then when you snuck beers in your parents basement game room.

Duchess Tavern

2827 NE 55th St., Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.527.8606
The Duchess Tavern in Seattle is a proving grounds for U Dubbers trying to make the transition from frat house party to bar. This Seattle college bar isn't just filled with beer addled students making their way through the 20 tap beers and booze sponging pantheon of fried goodies from the kitchen; nope, some locals that want to relive those halcyon days crowd into the Duchess' cavernous depths as well.

Earl's On The Avenue

4720 University Way NE, Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.525.4493
Earl's On The Avenue has the notorious distinction out of all the bars in Seattle of serving the strongest drinks, which is why it's so incredibly crowded, not with just college students, but anyone who's into hard drinking. Seriously, as far as neighborhood dive bars in Seattle go, Earl's has to be in the top five if not number one. If you're a lightweight, you can always ask the bartender to pour it weak and maybe they'll oblige, but don't count on it. Every night and day, Earl's packs in the crowds and can get quite rowdy in a good way because the diverse mix of Seattle locals, students and professionals all treat Earl's like an amicable house party where there's booze and ice, but some addled hound forgot the mixers. Usually Earl's On The Avenue is the first stop of the night for Seattle clubbers looking to get a quick, cheap buzz before they're forced to pay top dollar for watered down cocktails—a word to the wise: if you consider yourself a well-seasoned boozer, the Long Island Ice Tea at this Seattle neighborhood bar will make you rethink that assumption.

Goldies On 45th

2121 N. 45th St., Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.632.3453
Goldies on 45th is a classic Seattle sports bar catering to neighborhood fans and droves of U-Dub students in for a game of pool, to throw some darts or just a cocktail during the game. Also, Goldies serves up inexpensive grub firmly rooted in the greasy bar food culinary sphere, which suits the attitude and atmosphere perfectly. You can be a complete newbie in Seattle and pop into Goldies and by the end of your round, the bartenders will know your name and remember you the next time you hit this laid back, but often loud and rowdy Seattle sports bar.

Irish Emigrant

5260 University Way NE, Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.525.2955
With a plethora of Irish bars to choose from in Seattle, each with its own ups and downs, the Irish Emigrant should definitely be on your green bar drinking tour if only for the fact that it's actually owned and operated by Irish ex-pats. During the week loads of folks that haven't exactly dropped their brogues yet crowd this two-story Seattle bar for some Guinness heavy drinking and some fiddle heavy tunes. But, when the weekend hits, the Irish Emigrant could be renamed using some Greek because this Seattle bar is total University of Washington frat and sorority bender central.
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