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Seattle is well known among West Coast beer gurus for producing excellent microbrews. Brewpubs in Seattle are some of the best places in the city to enjoy unique beers, quality food and to watch the game. Pyramid Alehouse, founded in Washington, now has locations up the West Coast. The Seattle location is close to Safeco and Quest fields, home of the Mariners and Seahawks, making this a popular stop before and after games. Haleís Ales Brewery & Pub is an ideal brewpub for large groups because they serve liquor along with their expertly crafter microbrews. Letís face it, not everyone likes beer, so serving the hard stuff along with it makes a lot of sense. Huskies fans should make The Ram Restaurant & Big Horn Brewery a definite stop while in Seattle. Seattle breweries really care about the quality of their beer, so donít be afraid to keep sampling—itíll be hard to be disappointed.
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Big Time Brewery & Alehouse

4133 University Way NE, Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.545.4509
With a revolving slate of their best tap brews dependent on the season, Big Time Brewery and Alehouse has been a Seattle neighborhood bar institution, packed with eager University of Washington beer swillers, for years. In fact the entirety of the U Dub clan—from the student body to the profs—drink and eat at Big Time Brewery and while the fare is average at best, it's decidedly priced and prepared for the student budget and palate. But, heck, the showstopper at this Seattle brewery, like all breweries, is the beer, that is also available in handy sizes to go for at home consumption.

Elysian Brewing Company and Public House

1221 E. Pike St., Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.860.1920
Monolithic stainless steel beer vats preside over the crowds at Elysian Brewing Company, a Seattle brewery and restaurant that has been making beer on site since 1996. The space is huge and open with floor to ceiling windows making it seem even larger and since Elysian also serves hard alcohol along side its microbrews, they have some cozy lounge areas in the back to create more of a bar over brewery scene. The menu at this Seattle restaurant offers new twists on brewpub staples with some unique offerings like barbecued pork sandwiches and hummus samplers alongside the fish and chips or burgers. Like a lot of Seattle breweries, the best way to sample Elysian's beer offerings are through the sampler, so you can knock back the six most popular and then go from there.

Elysian TangleTown

2106 55th St. N, Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.547.5929
A family friendly Seattle restaurant and brewery by day and a hip little neighborhood bar at night, Elysian TangleTown—part of the Elysian Brewing Company—serves up 16 taps of their standard microbrews and rotating seasonal offerings, brewed in house, along with a full bar for mixed drink fans. The menu at Elysian TangleTown is way above your normal brewpub fare while still being comfortably rooted in that certain sure to please Seattle hominess. At night, the normally light and airy interior at Elysian gets a candlelit makeover so hip Seattle suburbanites have a cool neighborhood bar to kick back in.

Hale's Ales Brewery & Pub

4301 Leary Way NW, Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.706.1544
Hale's Ales Brewery and Pub in Seattle has been making their heady microbrews on site here since 1983 and that sort of experience shows through in their beer. The pub portion of the facility may seem like an afterthought because you enter Hale's Ales through the actual brewery, but the pub is a cozy place—that actually serves booze as well, a rarity in some Seattle breweries—where you can grab a drink and dine on some consistently good food.

Maritime Pacific Brewing Company & Jolly Roger Taproom

1514 NW Leary Way, Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.782.6181
The Jolly Roger Taproom is the cozy pub attached to the brew works of Seattle's Maritime Pacific Brewing Company that makes some excellent hand crafted microbrews. The Jolly Roger usually offers about 14 of their heady masterpieces on tap at all times as well as two or three cask conditioned ales for serious quaffers. Also, the excellent pub grub at this Seattle brewery is more health food than greasy spoon—heck, most of it is downright nutritious—cluing you in to the fact that the Jolly Roger isn't just a marketing tool for Maritime Pacific.

McMenamins Queen Anne Hill

300 Roy St. Ste 105, Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.285.4722
The microbrew empire of McMenamins has another bar in Seattle with their Queen Anne Hill location (their other venue is called Dad Watson's) whose main attraction as always is the beer. The menu at McMenamin's is inspired by traditional pub fare, but puts new twists on old favorites with some un-pubbish selections lurking. McMenamins Queen Anne Hill is an excellent place to unwind after work or hang by yourself on a soggy afternoon made nowhere near lonely thanks to their completely outgoing and welcoming staff.

Pyramid Alehouse

1201 First Ave. S, Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.682.3377
Pyramid is a venerable Seattle brewery whose eatery is getting high marks as well. The Pyramid Alehouse is located right across the street from Safeco Field and even during those horrible months when there's no baseball to be had, this Seattle restaurant and pub is still packed. During Mariner's home games if you want to dine, booze and schmooze at the Pyramid Alehouse you'd better show up early because it's a good bet that thousands of others shared the same idea. The food and beer are consistently good and the friendly staff—who must go through some beer knowledge course before they don the apron—make you want to stay for a while.

Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery

1333 5th Ave., Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.623.3070
Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery is a national chain and their Seattle outpost toes the company line of serving good food paired with good beer in a neighborly setting. Rock Bottom is friendly and welcoming to anyone who rolls through the doors and they'll always have a pint of their latest brew waiting for you at the bar. Also, there's a Rock Bottom Brewery in Bellevue so check them both out and do your own little comparison.

Six Arms McMenamins

300 E Pike St., Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.223.1698
Part of the venerable McMenamins chain doesn't mean that the Six Arms outpost in Seattle's Cap Hill neighborhood of this brewery and restaurant hasn't established its own identity. Six Arms McMenamins still relies on their parents heady brews as an anchor, but the well-poured cocktails, the excellent and hugely portioned pub fare and the efficient friendly service does just as much for the McMenamins reputation as do their well-made handcrafted brews.

The Pike Pub & Brewery

1415 1st Ave., Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.622.6044
The Pike Pub and Brewery is a Seattle tradition, so much so that it's usually packed to the gills with tourists. But, Seattle locals never stay away from this restaurant and brewery for long because The Pike Pub makes some of the best PNW microbrews around and their always-fresh pub grub is consistently on the mark. Also, The Pike Pub and Brewery just doesn't focus on their own brews, they have an excellent selection of Euro-centric bottles and even let some "guest brewers" grace their taps.

The Ram Restaurant & Big Horn Brewery

2650 NE University Village St., Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.525.3565
This extremely popular Seattle restaurant, sports bar and brewery serves as the official bar of all things Husky and the packed in raucous crowds never miss a play on the many TVs. The Ram Restaurant and Big Horn Brewery also crafts some decent microbrews to accompany their down home pub grub that's heavy on varying burgers and fries. Happy hours consistently rock at The Ram (from 3pm-6pm and again from 10pm-close), as does nearly every other minute of the day, with drink specials and nightly specials on food. During football season The Ram Restaurant and Big Horn Brewery is just as packed with local Seattle fans and collegians—and probably just as loud—as the U-Dub stadium.

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