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Some people claim they play pool better when intoxicated. This may or may not be true, but there’s something about alcohol that makes billiards more fun. Seattle has a huge selection of billiards bars that cater to college students, old timers and everyone in between. Billiards bars also help mix up the crowd, making it easy to talk to new people during games. Jillian’s Billiard Club has some of Seattle’s nicest pool tables, and is one of the only billiards bars to have snooker tables. Temple Billiards, in addition to having pool tables, features karaoke in the lounge and strong drinks to help build your courage. The pool tables at The Corner Pocket are almost a side note—patrons frequent this Seattle billiards bar just as much for the cheap, tasty pub grub and great beer selection. Seattle’s reputation for friendly and welcoming locals makes it a great city to challenge strangers to a game of pool.
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Ballroom in Fremont

456 N. 36th St., Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.634.2575
The Ballroom in Fremont is a warehouse style Seattle billiards bar and dance club that caters to a decidedly chill mix of ex-frat boys, hotties, hipsters and sharks that crowd the nine pool tables, the bar and the dance floor on the weekends doing their thing, whatever it is. The weekends see slick DJs dropping beats for the ravenous dance clubbers gyrating on the packed floor while during the week a house CD player does the job with ease. The drinks at the Ballroom in Fremont are reasonable, potent and come at you fast, but to help you out with all that, this Seattle bar and nightclub offers a homey mix of comfort food.

Belltown Billiards

90 Blanchard St., Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.448.6779
During the day, Belltown Billiards in Seattle is an upscale pool hall and lunch spot for the biz pro set, but when the nine to fivers vacate this billiards bar takes on a whole new persona. At night, Belltown Billiards is wall to wall with college kids getting their heavy drink on and shooting some stick or chopping it up on the dance floor to this Seattle club's resident DJs. On the weekends, the pool tables seem wholly superfluous as Belltown Billiards is the hotspot to hook up—shooting pool would just get in the way of a young crowd's real bar priorities anyway.


1130 Broadway, Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.322.2296
The Garage isn't your average smoke filled boozy Seattle pool hall, but that's not saying it isn't a good time for a night out with friends into downing cocktails, shooting some stick and maybe bowling a few rounds. That's right all of you wannabe PBA-ers, the Garage has a bowling alley in it so there's a hip scene place where you can bowl away from your Miller swilling, gut overhanging usual alley denizens. Also, this Seattle bar houses a decent restaurant with some homey food stuffs to take care of those hunger pangs while you partake in the Garage's above average drinks and young, good-looking crowd.

Jillian's Billiard Club

731 Westlake Ave. N, Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.223.0300
With more sports bar game entertainment than that snotty rich kid down the block had in his basement, Jillian's Billiard Club is the premier Seattle bar for gaming diversions that you actually get better at when drinking. Jillian's has some of the best-maintained billiard tables in the Emerald City plus they house one of the only snooker tables in Seattle. Rounding out the game room additions that wholly embarrassed you in yesteryear are the usual video game queues, ping pong (which can easily be converted to beer pong) and Jillian's Billiard Club also has air hockey—and their rumored to have a resident expert who's like a graduate student at U-Dub that's doing his thesis on the physics of air hockey and, although nerdy, will whoop your drunken butt handedly. This Seattle bar for the game and sports geek in all of us also has a great pub style food menu featuring one of the top five burger and fry combos you can get in this city.

Temple Billiards

126 S Jackson St., Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.682.3242
Temple Billiards is a chill place to shoot some stick, down some cocktails with your buddies and embarrass yourself in their basement lounge with some drunken karaoke. This Seattle billiards bar also offers a more than generous happy hour, half priced pool on Sundays and free pool for the ladies every Wednesday. Also, Temple Billiards sports revolving resident DJs to spin a little background music while you imbibe your cocktail and scratch on the eight ball.

The Corner Pocket

4302 SW Alaska, Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.933.9865
A friendly attitude, stiff drinks, excellent pub food and perpetual pool playing with a minimum of shady sharks is what you'll find at The Corner Pocket, a great local Seattle billiards bar. Also, the jukebox at The Corner Pocket is almost as big a draw as the cheap drinks and pool sporting an eclectic mix that rivals many other Seattle bars. The selection of beer is decent at The Corner Pocket, but all of this would be for naught if the staff wasn't one of the most accommodating and amicable in Seattle for their pantheon of hipsters, locals and regular Joes that crowd The Corner Pocket daily.
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