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Seattle has no shortage of local bars that are sure to make any visitor feel like a real Seattleite. Blues clubs, British bars, Irish pubs, lounges, dive bars and college bars are just a few of the varieties of drinkeries that Seattle has to offer. Seattle also has a number of different locations in the city to imbibe. From Belltownís posh lounges to the University Districtís college bars to Capitol Hillís gay friendly atmosphere, Seattle has something for everyone. The Pike Pub & Brewery is a great place to start getting to know Seattle nightlife. Pike Place Market is a Seattle landmark that attracts throngs of tourists, but donít let this discourage you—thereís good reason for this. For a smaller, less touristy bar, Honeyhole Sandwiches is a great Seattle pick. They serve up unnaturally strong drinks alongside delicious sandwiches. Seattle bars are simply the best starting point for those of age to begin getting to know the city and the people who love to call it home.
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74th Street Ale House

7401 Greenwood Ave. N., Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.784.2955
With one of the best beer selections of any bar in Seattle, the 74th Street Ale House caters to a very loyal, packed house every night. You're likely to find local denizens of the neighborhood commanding the barstools and booths sipping on local microbrews and unique imports, and the jovial atmosphere at this local Seattle bar makes even newbies feel right at home. Also, the 74th Street Ale House offers up some excellent pub grub, but not the greasy, fat laden choices that you're thinking of. All of their food is made fresh to order with selections ranging from soups and salads to sandwiches and pastas along with plenty of vegetarian options. Seattle's 74th Street Ale House starts getting quite crowded around 7pm, so pop in early for food then stay for the beer.

Admiral Pub

2306 California Ave. SW., Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.933.9500
Even if it's your first visit to the Admiral Pub, a completely laid back Seattle neighborhood bar, you'll instantly feel like a regular. The Admiral Pub is so come as you are that it's more like catching the game and drinking some beers at your buddies house than being at a busy local bar, which you should definitely take as a five-star recommendation. Also, this local Seattle bar serves its pub grub all night long, so after a few rounds with the pool tables or video games and your beer count is in the double digits, you can grab some booze soaking food and pretend that you're sober.

Alibi Room

85 Pike St. Ste 410, Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.623.3180
A hip, stylish little Seattle restaurant and bar located under the Pike Place Market, the Alibi Room serves up excellent seafood and other unique offerings while pairing the cuisine with some seriously stiff drinks. The downstairs of this already downstairs Seattle local bar draws in drinkers with the aforementioned dangerous cocktails and eclectic, beat-heavy DJ stylings that can be felt and heard in cadence with the din of the restaurant. The Alibi Room gets seriously packed with hipsters and the see and be seen crowd so if you want to have a nosh before sampling their put-you-down mixed masterpieces, make a reservation.

Bad Albert's Tap & Grill

5100 Ballard Ave. NW, Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.782.9623
Hands down the best burger in Seattle can be found and gloriously consumed at Bad Albert's Tap and Grill, which is somewhat of a local bar secret hideaway for good drinks and great food. Blue-collar working class heroes crowd together with yuppies and hipsters in Bad Albert's single pub style room creating a good mix that's as eclectic as their food. Besides the awesome burger, Bad Albert's also serves po' boys, roasted mussels, blintzes and even does a way above average breakfast on the weekends that can all be washed down with one of the fourteen tap brews featuring local Seattle favorites and draft staples. Heck, if all this wasn't enough, Bad Albert's also hosts live local blues musicians three nights a week; now what other local Seattle bar takes care of you like this?

Bad Juju Lounge

1425 10th Ave., Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.709.9951
Seattle's tattooed and pierced set hang at the Bad Juju Lounge, a boozy local bar that's decked out with plenty of eye candy for those that can still focus after downing some of their completely dangerous cocktails. Music at the Bad Juju Lounge, from both live Seattle local musicians and a revolving slate of house DJs, is firmly set in the rock continuum blasting tunes from the indie, alternative and punk set straight through to metal and hard-core all presented with no freakin' cover charges. You could probably travel far and wide and this local Seattle bar would still rank among the best places to get sauced and bang your head in under the protective gazes of herpetological guardians, glass flames, metal monstrosities, freakish artwork and genuinely good people.

Bamboo Bar and Grill

2806 Alki Ave. SW, Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.937.3023
The Bamboo Bar and Grill, a little island themed bar on Alki Beach in Seattle, is a kicked back joint for the beachcomber and bomber set. Decked out like Don Ho's rec room, the Bamboo Bar and Grill wants to take patrons on a little vacation and, although their tiki-themed menu falls short on being authentic, the chow's decent and the drinks, well, let's just say that that's where the real vacation at this local Seattle bar resides.

Bookstore Bar (at the Alexis Hotel)

1009 First Avenue, Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.382.1506
The classy, upscale Bookstore Bar in Seattle caters to a dressed up after work crowd and guests from the Alexis Hotel that crowd in for their premium drinks, cigar encouraging and providing atmosphere, an excellent wine selection and some way above average pubbish food provided by the Alexis' Library Bistro. The Bookstore Bar is a great Seattle local bar to relax with a drink and have a little intimate conversation in their plush, dimly lit confines. If you're stuck with only your already known self for company, the books lining the walls are provided for your perusing pleasure and if you have to leave at a particularly juicy portion...well, they don't call it the Bookstore Bar for nothing because you can purchase that literary masterpiece that kept you enthralled over one of the best gourmet burgers in Seattle.

Brouwer's Café

400 N 35th St., Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.267.2437
A traditional styled Belgian alehouse in Seattle, Brouwer's Café lures beer and food lovers alike into their renovated warehouse space to sample a wide selection of domestic and import tap brews. The menu at Brouwer's Café is an excellent blend of European style cuisine with some hearty traditional Belgian dishes that are completely satisfying. However, dinner and drinks—especially if you're inclined to sampling from their huge single malt scotch collection or wine offerings—at this local Seattle bar and restaurant can get quite pricey, so prepare yourself accordingly to alleviate some of the check presentation wallet ache.

Central Saloon

207 First Ave. S, Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.622.0209
Good food and stiff drinks have been the staple at the Central Saloon since this local Seattle bar first opened its doors way back in 1892 and having survived all these years and still kicking is just about all you need to know if you're thinking about swilling some booze there, but we'll give you more. The Central Saloon is still on the cutting edge of the raucous Seattle live music scene featuring a slate of up and comers seven nights a week. Also, the food at the Central Saloon is enough to keep their loyal regulars coming back for the hearty smoked plates doused in the Central's signature barbecue sauce or the burgers and sandwiches that virtually dwarf the plate. Heck, if all this wasn't enough, the prices at Seattle's Central Saloon are very reasonable, but sometimes the cover charges for bands can reach the double digits.

Cha Cha Lounge

506 E Pine St., Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.329.9978
Decked out in retro styled kitsch, the Cha Cha Lounge is a hip Seattle local bar catering to scenesters getting their heavy drink on. The sign on the front door to the Cha Cha Lounge proclaims that there's no attitudes allowed inside, but the cliquish clientele seem to be sporting them anyway, not that a little stand-offish attitude is a killer for a bar that serves drinks this stiff, it's just that newbies might be a little put off, to which we would say; grow some and drink there anyway. Every bar, even in all-inclusive friendly Seattle, has its cliques and you'll forever remain an outsider of the hipster scene if the only place you drink in is your parent's basement.

College Inn Pub

4006 University Way NE, Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.634.2307
A completely laid back local Seattle bar filled with students and faculty from the University of Washington, the appropriately named College Inn Pub sports excellent pub food to go along with its good selection of tap brews and full bar. The "study breaks" at the College Inn Pub usually start out as just that until the crowds realize they've been in the utterly comfortable atmosphere for a few hours and really haven't gotten anything done because there's always someone to talk to at this Seattle bar and conversation is a few steps above your normal bar drivel.

Collins Pub

526 2nd Ave., Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.623.1016
The perfect local Seattle bar for a pre or post ball game bite and beer, Collins Pub features anything but your average pub food and a goodly selection of tap microbrews—most from the PNW—with some imports rounding out the 20 or so taps. Also, for the beer connoisseur, Collins Pub sports more beer in the bottle than you're likely to see anywhere else. The proximity to sports venues and selection, of both food and drink, has turned Collins Pub into a Seattle hangout for those that just want more out of a local bar.

Conor Byrne's Pub

5140 Ballard Ave. NW, Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.784.3640
Local Seattle hipsters mix with old time boozers at Conor Byrne's Pub, a great Irish bar to down the best-pulled pints of Guinness in. Traditional Irish music calms the nerves of this Seattle bar during the day while nighttime sees a variety of live music and open mic shows. Any beer you buy at Conor Byrne's Pub is so cheap that you almost feel guilty indulging in them, but you really shouldn't because that's what neighborhood bars are all about.


421 First Ave. S, Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.340.0777
Employing the Hooters recipe for success, Cowgirls bar in Seattle has nothing but hot chicks working there—no complaint here—that hop up on the bar at regular intervals for some "impromptu" dancing ala that freaking movie with hot chicks dancing on the bar (yeehaw!)...and a gyrating John Goodman (ye-oookaaay). But, we digress, this formula works to bring in loads of Seattle bar dudes thinking that by ogling they can score hence turning Cowgirls into a one sided meat market, oh, there's women there that don't work there, but c'mon think about it; how many women do you see scarfing chicken wings at Hooters? Okay, now that that rant is over on the plus side Cowgirls can be a raucous party in the down a shot ride the mechanical bull style, but if you go with your filly, tie her to the bar post before you mosey to the outhouse unless you want to invite rustlers.

Crocodile Café

2200 Second Ave. SE, Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.441.5611
The slate of local Seattle live music acts and national indie rock tourers often determines the crowds at the Crocodile Café, that has been leading the cutting edge of the Seattle music scene for years so anytime there's a good show get your tickets and seats early. Also, the Crocodile Café serves up some decent food—especially the breakfast—and the drinks flow with a zealot's fervor from the bar. Seriously one of the best places in Seattle to catch live music, c'mon it was the epicenter of the grunge scene in the 90's so you know the Crocodile Café has some clout in Seattle.

Dad Watson's

3601 Fremont Ave. N, Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.632.6505
Even though the space at Dad Watson's, a Seattle neighborhood bar outpost of the venerable McMenamins Brewing empire, is large and open, this local bar has an intimate, family friendly atmosphere presenting the laid back comfort you want in your neighborhood watering hole. The other thing that you want, and something that Dad Watson's definitely provides, is excellent food and the burger is one of the best in Seattle especially when it's paired with any of their hearty brews. These elements combined make Dad Watson's a perennially packed Seattle bar that really couldn't do anything better.

Doc Maynard's

601 1st Avenue, Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.682.3705
Doc Maynard's, a Seattle local bar and live music club, makes the most out of what it's got by dishing out cheap beer, usually in frat house stemware, for a young, rock and roll loving crowd whose palates have stopped developing somewhere between top ramen and spaghetti-os. But, this beer soaked and raucous Seattle party is usually one of the first stops of the night when Pioneer Square does their frequent joint cover nights—and really that's a deal you just can't beat—where you can catch a slew of loud Seattle local bands making the leap from garage to stage. During the day, Doc Maynard's is the meeting spot for the Seattle Underground Tours with, well, tourists crowding the bar while they wait for their hokey guide.

Duck Island Ale House

7317 Aurora Ave. N, Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.783.3360
For one of the best microbrew selections of any Seattle bar, your trek through hoppy beer land should lead you to the Duck Island Ale House that really takes their motto of "life's too short to drink yellow beer" to heart. By 'yellow beer" we believe that this local Seattle bar means any beer brewed by a mainstream brewer 'cause if that's how your tastes run, you should just keep on cruising right by the Duck Island Ale House. In digression though, they've got some bar distractions (pool, pinball, etc.) for after you're done with the distraction of trying to sample all of the heady brews and food is available from the café next door in case you need to soak up that last double bock spring weiss ale extra special bitter.

El Gaucho Cigar Lounge

2505 First Ave., Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.728.1337
The old school style of the El Gaucho Cigar Lounge in Seattle looks like the private den in some exclusive male-centric country club. With the trifecta of steaks, premium liquor and cigars, this swanky Seattle bar and restaurant is a great place for the biz pro set to entertain clients or if you and your buddies are feeling a bit like living the perceived good life. Sports are always on the TV at El Gaucho Cigar Lounge and the veteran staff knows how to expertly take care of their patrons.

Fu Kun Wu @ Thaiku

5410 Ballard Ave. NW, Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.706.7807
There's no telling what you'll get when you mix an excellent Seattle Thai restaurant with heady cocktails, kitschy décor, oolong tea and Chinese apothecary, but through a booze soaked and satay driven haze it began to look something like Fu Kun Wu at Thaiku. The cocktails certainly are exotic and the food is definitely good at this Seattle bar and restaurant, but their claims of certain drinks being mild hallucinogens and aphrodisiacs seems a bit of a stretch, anyway it's always fun to watch those of weak constitution partake in one and then instantly claim that little pink Chinese dragons are crawling out of the walls to get them and they're suddenly horny as hell. Also Fu Kun Wu hosts some hip DJ nights and occasional live music acts and any partier worth their salt will hang in their opium den—it's their lounge you narco freak—that's a cool alternative for a private group.

Gallery Bar at the Sheraton Hotel

1400 6th Ave., Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.387.5585
The Gallery Bar is a cozy little space off the Seattle Sheraton Hotel's main lobby that has ambiance for days. The service at the Gallery Bar is as distinctive and sophisticated as their premium liquor selection drawing travelers, biz pros and hipsters into their comfy confines. For food options, the Gallery Bar serves stylish, but homey choices that far surpasses any hotel bar food that we've tried and being in the business of writing; we've tried a lot.

High Dive

513 N. 36th St., Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.632.0212
The High Dive satisfies three of the basic needs of life: stiff drinks, inexpensive grubbin' barbecue and live rock and roll. This Seattle local bar seriously does those three staples extremely well, the drinks are always quick and strong from the unbelievably long bar, the kitchen pumps out food that's a step above most other joints and if you dig some loud ass alternative, indie, punk, pure rock or country, you've found your new hangout in the High Dive. The owner of High Dive's strong booking skills allows live music junkies to see up and coming local bands for a pittance—and like we said, you're not going to spend that much on the tab either—so, give this Seattle live music club and bar major value points across the board.

Honeyhole Sandwiches

703 E. Pike Street, Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.709.1399
What can we say about Honeyhole other than it's freakin' awesome. This quirky little (really little) Seattle bar and sandwich shop has been constantly packed from the day these geniuses first flung open the doors. First off, the sandwiches at Honeyhole are nothing short of phenomenal as the lunch crowds lining up out the door can attest to. Secondly, the drinks will probably make you wish you had another sandwich because stiff doesn't quite cover their potency at this local bar favorite. If we even got started on the garage sale kitsch décor, we'd probably get nostalgic for our mothers house, so all in all, you owe it to yourself to check out the utterly unique Seattle bar that is the Honeyhole.

J & M Café and Cardroom

201 1st Avenue S, Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.292.0663
One of the hardest partying bars in Seattle, the J&M Café and Cardroom keeps local cubicle monkeys and blue-collar donners fueled with burgers and beer during the day. When the sun drops over the horizon, however, the food tables get flung to the side and hordes of youngsters crowd into this local Seattle bar looking for and finding stiff drinks, good music and hotties. J&M offers a slew of nightly drink specials to keep the party on track—not like it really needed any help—all served college party style in disposable stemware for the ultimate bartender convenience factor. On the weekends, the J&M Café and Cardroom is packed tighter than a lawyer and politico hell.

Kincora Pub

518 E. Pine St., Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.325.0436
This comfy Seattle bar contains a good mix of your everyday drinkers who've become more like fixtures than customers at the Kincora Pub while on the weekends, droves of Seattle hipsters and revelers crowd into the weathered space for a night of heavy drinking. Also, the Kincora Pub breaks the old timer boozer mold with surprisingly good DJ nights that span the musical spectrum from soul to heavy metal with some great Brit pop and rock nights some weeks. This Seattle bar mainstay is also very easy on the wallet and incredibly inviting, so it's good to know that Kincora Pub didn't break the old-timer boozer mold completely.

Lava Lounge

2226 2nd Ave., Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.441.5660
An eclectic mix of Seattle hipsters, rockers, boozers yups and old timers crowd into the Lava Lounge's garage sale kitsch innards for stiff, inexpensive drinks, a veritable lexicon of beer and to be eyeballed by the stuffed feline. As with all great local dive bars in Seattle, the Lava Lounge sports a phenomenal jukebox, but the real musical draw here comes from the lineup of DJs that spin everything from old school punk, rockabilly, metal and the genre-like to soul, funk and hip-hop. Unless you want to be lifted up by your belt loops and paraded through a Seattle deli case—a meat market in other words—take the weekends off from the Lava Lounge when prowling Seattle boozers of the aforementioned ilk crowd in and try to score.

Marcus' Martini Heaven

88 Yesler Way, Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.624.3323
A sophisticate minded trendy bar, Marcus' Martini Heaven in Seattle pours every drink into a sometimes hard to imbibe from martini glass and their extensive list runs the gamut of every conceivable liquor with Marcus' extremely busy bartenders being well versed in every concoction. These Seattle bartenders are true mixologists and masters of the martini arts, sometimes taking up to a few minutes on one drink so the wait for your stiff, but pricey, libation may be a little longer than you're used to. But, you're paying for style, flair and ambiance so a little wait for one of Marcus' Martini Heaven's potent cocktails is time well spent. Surprisingly a youngish crowd hangs at this Seattle bar and genre bending DJs provide the perfect backdrop to Marcus' low lit basement atmosphere.

Noc Noc

1516 2nd Ave., Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.223.1333
Heck, Noc Noc is all you could ever want in a Seattle bar, dance club and lounge all under one booze soaked and beat heavy roof. Popping in after work, regulars take full advantage of Noc Noc's infamous happy hour when the bar is like a homey local retreat, but when the sun slips over the horizon, this bar turns into one of Seattle's busiest dance clubs featuring a slew of genre destroying DJs keeping the party going. If dancing isn't quite your gig, Noc Noc also sports a pool table and some comfortably worn couches to plop down on and take in the scene.


405 Olive Way, Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.382.6995
Oliver's lounge, located in Seattle's Mayflower Park Hotel, is an elegant retreat for martini and nosh lovers seeking a welcomed respite from the hustle of the city. Oliver's is simply a classic, old school appointments give this Seattle bar an inherent coolness and the staff has to be one of the most friendly, courteous and professional around. The menu at Oliver's is bar fare, but totally classy upscale bar fare served sophisticatedly at their intimate café tables. The drinks are equally as excellent, if not more so, as the food at this decadent Seattle hotel bar.

Ozzie's Roadhouse

105 W Mercer St., Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.284.4618
About as unpretentious as they come, Ozzie's Roadhouse bar in Seattle hosts a raucous nightly bout with wannabe crooners for their hard partying karaoke that's fueled by heaps of cheap, heavily poured booze and some no-frills bar chow. Old time Seattle bar hounds crowd into Ozzie's back room before the local drunken lung monkeys pile in to belt out all of your favorite hits from the '80s. Also, if you're in need of a little hangover cure this Seattle bar does a killer breakfast starting at 8am.

Pacific Inn Pub

3501 Stone Way N, Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.547.2967
Pacific Inn Pub is like a Seattle bar that time has blessedly forgot, it's resisted the abject gentrification of the surrounding neighborhoods and the propensity to serve healthier fare that has lightened up other Seattle bars. The beer flows nicely at the Pacific Inn Pub, the grub is pub styled excellence—especially the fish and chips for which people drive miles—and the crowds couldn't be friendlier. Mostly the regulars consist of blue-collar locals, but the weekends see a dramatic increase of the younger set crowding into this low key Seattle bar.

Pioneer Square Saloon

77 Yesler Way, Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.340.1234
The young and hip assemble en masse at the Pioneer Square Saloon in Seattle after the day walking tourists have retreated to the safe havens of their hotels. This Seattle local bar draws a good mix of locals catering to a party oriented crowd of come as you are drinkers. The Pioneer Square Saloon sports 15 local microbrews on tap to sip on while you shoot some stick in the back room.


1114 Howell St., Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.233.9873
If you want a true taste of Seattle forget the cheesy tours and ferry boat rides and just pop into Re-bar on any given night to see exactly what Seattle—drinking notwithstanding—is all about. This one of a kind Seattle club is filled to the brim with hipsters, freaks, geeks, artists, gays, intellectuals, punks, rockers, ravers, clubbers...well just plain good people that show the unique diversity and welcoming attitude of the Emerald City. Re-bar is the undisputed anchor of the Seattle alternative arts scene presenting loads of local artist's works, housing theatre and comedy performances with just rocking dance nights...oh yeah, they also serve some mean, get the frickin' lead out cocktails.

Red Door

3401 Evanston Ave. N, Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.547.7521
The Red Door gets a good dose of neighborhood regulars during the week for some down home pub style food, good booze and revolving beer selection. On the weekends though, this Seattle bar turns into party central for a bunch of current and ex U-Dubbers who seem to think that binge drinking is a major. But, the Red Door is loud, raucous and a great place to meet other boozy people or to get plastered with friends and this local Seattle bar's kitchen stays open late to help you soak up some alcohol before you stumble home and call your ex 12 times.


2322 2nd Ave., Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.441.5823
The rendezvous is a hip little Seattle bar that has its own theater for pulp films, cabaret shows and live music. Well not packed all of the time—which is a welcomed relief out here in Belltown—Rendezvous has a loyal following that is growing by the day because of their cool friendly service, the stiff cocktails and just the all around indie vibe that permeates this local Seattle bar.

Rickshaw Restaurant & Lounge

322 N 105th St., Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.789.0120
Like something out of a bad Charlie Chan movie, the Rickshaw Restaurant and Lounge in Seattle is so steeped in '70s tacky kitsch and late '80s tacky entertainment that you just have to love the drinks can fell a freakin' dragon. While the food at Rickshaw evokes the tastes and flavors of your crazy aunt Jean's kitchen in her Rice-A-Roni makes everything taste better phase, the kung fu slap of the cocktails more than makes up for any culinary shortcomings. Also, nightly karaoke is a huge draw at this Seattle bar with wannabe crooners belting out your favorite hits and making you never want to listen to them again.

Seattle's Historic Triangle Pub

553 1st Ave. S, Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.628.0474
Seattle's Historic Triangle Pub can certainly make the claim of history because the building was built in 1910 and has gone through many incarnations—including brothel—before deciding on neighborhood bar in 1981. The space is small, really small, but that's countered by the friendly crowds that pack in after work or before a sporting event to down some cheap draft beer.

See Sound Lounge

115 Blanchard St., Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.374.3733
The See Sound Lounge is a scenester meeting spot favored by Seattle's beautiful people, but don't let your less than stellar wardrobe put you off from this hip bar and lounge because the cocktails—while most of the house variations are on the saccharine side—are poured heavy using premium booze and there's also a decent selection of beer and wine available. The See Sound Lounge also does some excellent and eclectic fare from their kitchen leaning more toward the small plate tapas style that is a step above other Seattle lounge's bar munchies. Resident DJs provide the background noise for lounging conversationalists and the mingling hordes of chic Seattle drinkers that pack into the See Sound Lounge nightly.

Shorty's Coney Island

2222 2nd Ave., Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.374.0569
Besides the cheaper than cheap beer, food and booze at Shorty's Coney Island the main draw would be the seemingly endless bank of vintage old school video games and pinball machines that line the walls. Seriously, there's nothing quite like munching on a hot dog while downing a PBR and chasing an electronic monkey up some half finished infrastructure while he's holding your lady and flinging barrels at you...nothing.

Sunset Tavern

5433 Ballard Ave. NW, Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.784.4880
The Sunset Tavern is making a name for itself in the Seattle live music scene by booking strong rock shows with up and coming local talent. The ambiance at this local Seattle bar is both hip and old school with a decided nod to its past incarnation as a Chinese restaurant and dive bar. The beer selection is decent at the Sunset Tavern and their weekly events like movie nights and karaoke, along with the live music, are huge draws for hipsters seeking a toned down alternative to other Seattle clubs.

The Fremont Dock

1102 N 34th St., Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.633.4300
The come as you are, no-frills attitude of The Fremont Dock has earned it a much loved status from area locals that crowd into this Seattle bar for some hearty breakfasts, lunches and dinners served with some of the stiffest cocktails around. The Fremont Dock starts inviting locals into their vintage decored confines at the glorious hour of 7am for some down home grub and an eye opening shot or beer. Also, on the weekends and many nights, this Seattle bar plays host to a slew of college students seeking budget priced food and drink so they can stretch their dollar, while during the day sports rule The Fremont Dock's big screen.

The Hideout

1005 Boren Ave., Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.903.8480
Employing the philosophy that life is art, The Hideout—presented by Seattle's own Vital 5 Productions—is like an art gallery, performance center, hip low-key lounge and bar all rolled into one. The emphasis at The Hideout clearly is on the artwork and the local artists who made it, but through all of the conversations and discerning critic's eyes the booze fuels it all. Those in the know cruise by The Hideout—it can be a little hard to find, but well worth the adventure—to see the latest eye candy in this Seattle bar that's more like a cultural center that happens to be one rockingly hip bar.

The Matador

2221 NW Market St., Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.297.2855
The Matador bar and restaurant brings down home Tex-Mex grub to Seattle with some sensible twists that make this Ballard neighborhood eatery much more than just a burrito and barbecue house. The drinks at The Matador are poured stiff and fast for their trendy crowds that start packing into the bar—with a longhorn skull presiding over the boozing—after work for the first of two happy hours, the second one runs from 10pm to close, where they get their fill of specialty house margaritas and appetizers. Both lunch and dinner at The Matador are worth a look, but Seattle locals usually crowd this bar before and after shows at nearby Ballard clubs.

The Nickerson Street Saloon

318 Nickerson St., Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.284.8819
The Nickerson Street Saloon keeps its regulars, new and old, extremely happy with their greet you by name service, hugely portioned down home grub, strong selection of microbrews and full bar. This Seattle bar and restaurant also has an excellent patio for the summer months that gets soaked with sun rather than getting soaked with the usual precipitation that falls from our fair skies. Mostly though, twenty and thirty-somethings flock to this bar because it's just a normal bar and restaurant—there's no trendy gimmicks, no attitude and, most importantly, consistently good times.

The Pike Pub & Brewery

1415 1st Ave., Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.622.6044
The Pike Pub and Brewery is a Seattle tradition, so much so that it's usually packed to the gills with tourists. But, Seattle locals never stay away from this restaurant and brewery for long because The Pike Pub makes some of the best PNW microbrews around and their always-fresh pub grub is consistently on the mark. Also, The Pike Pub and Brewery just doesn't focus on their own brews, they have an excellent selection of Euro-centric bottles and even let some "guest brewers" grace their taps.

Tiki Bob's Cantina

166 S King St., Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.382.8454
A young crowd gets their heavy drink and hard party on at Tiki Bob's Cantina that now does that cool Seattle club thing of the Pioneer Square joint cover. The energetic crowd full of hep cats and hotties dance raucously to the mixed DJ stylings and the bartenders seem to pour the drinks stiffer as the night goes on. Also, as an added eye candy bonus, this Seattle bar and dance club often has impromptu dancing on the bar by the aforementioned hotties being egged on by the DJs to shake it.

Tini Bigs Lounge

100 Denny Way, Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.284.0931
Tini Bigs Lounge is a hip little Seattle bar where the booze addled cocktail culture of yesteryear lives strong through their 30 some-odd house variations on that signature cocktail of coolness: the martini. Hipsters, scenesters and anyone that enjoys a strong and stylish drink don some threads and belly up to the bar at Tini Bigs Lounge. If the martini isn't exactly your gig, the bartenders at this Seattle hipster hotspot will be more than happy to mix your poison of choice to kick back with.

Twilight Martini Lounge

2125 Western Ave—Lobby Bar, Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.443.1212
A trendy cocktail lounge in Seattle's Belltown district, Twilight Martini Lounge caters to well-dressed scenesters and the after-work biz pro set for some premium house specialty cocktails and small plate appetizers. If you're lucky enough to get to this Seattle bar early for happy hour you'll be treated to one of the most spectacular views of Puget Sound through the floor to ceiling front windows—oh yeah, there's killer specials on all of their cocktails and small plates as well. The Twilight Martini Lounge is also quite crowded at night with chic patrons grabbing a pre-club or post-dinner cocktail.

Virginia Inn

1937 1st Ave., Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.728.1937
With its proximity to the Pike Place Market, the Virginia Pub is sometimes overflowing with tourists, but this French inspired local Seattle bar is also home to hordes of young professionals congregating for an after work drink and a bite. Speaking of which, the Virginia Inn does some well-conceived excellent light dinner fare and appetizers to satisfy those hunger pangs and they also offer a good selection of brews, wines and cocktails to satisfy...well, those other pangs one might have. In the forgiving summer months, the Virginia Inn's crowds annex the sidewalks outside for a little fair weather mingling.


106 1st Ave. N, Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.284.5003
During the day Watertown is a relaxed Seattle local bar to grab some food and a drink in, while at night that quaint feeling and atmosphere get blown directly out, the water. The music at this long standing Seattle dance club gets ratcheted up a few notches with DJs spinning house, hip-hop and top forty dance tracks for the style conscious masses that come spilling through the doors of Watertown seemingly as soon as happy hour ends. Sporting some good elbow room on the dance floor ensures that you'll only be dancing cheek to cheek with someone of your choosing and the bartenders at Watertown really help that course of action along with some dangerous pours.

White Rabbit

513 N 36th St., Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.588.0155
In the afternoons, we are a fully functioning and comfortable Cafe. In the evenings, we transition into one of Seattle's hottest Live Music and Entertainment venues.

Zig Zag Café

1501 Western Ave., Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.625.1146
Bartending gets the treatment as the art form that it most certainly is at the Zig Zag Café by perhaps the best slate of mixologists in Seattle utilizing all the necessary accoutrements to create their phenomenal cocktails. Seriously, from the classic to the modern to the funky and exotic, the Zig Zag crew pours it all with flair and will also explain each drink to your neophyte ears if you happen to score a seat at the bar. Also, this local Seattle bar, right near the Pike Place Market, serves an eclectic menu if you're looking for a bite to eat in their welcoming confines with undeniable ambiance.
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