Guide to Lynnwood

Scenes from Lynnwood
Found a great Korean BBQ joint in Lynnwood for date night. We'll definitely be back again!04282017-11TBT: I think December 2012, while we still lived in Lynnwood with Jackie and Marmalade. #luckyslife #tbt #throwbackthursdayUntitledThe ducks are visiting this afternoon. #mallardduck #backyardwildlife #backyardpond #springinwashington #hiwalkerphotoThe Basic Breakfast at Stricker's Cafe. Breakfast with the wife and AlliWho knew that Seattle would become one of the best pizza towns in the US? At the top, we have Zeeks & Pagliacci. We used to have Romio's but I'm told that the owner developed a drug habit and what's left of them are Independently owned. They were great fo
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