Seattle Neighborhoods

Queen Anne

The Queen Anne neighborhood in Seattle offers some of the best views in the city and is located just north of Seattle Center and the Space Needle. Due to this, some of the area's wealthiest residents have built beautiful mansions on top of the hill, one of Seattle’s highest points. Picturesque architecture combined with unbeatable views of Downtown and the Puget Sound in close proximity of Seattle’s shopping, dining and attractions have made Queen Anne a popular place to visit and live.

West Seattle

One of Seattle's hillier neighborhoods, West Seattle is home to several beach parks and a lively business district. Alki Point juts out into the Puget Sound and is the location of Seafair, an annual weeklong festival paying homage to Seattle’s marine and boating tradition. The core of West Seattle is known as The Junction, which is the area's main business district. The Westwood Village shopping center, also located in West Seattle, provides excellent shopping.

University District

Home to the University of Washington and The Ave, Seattle’s University District is one of the liveliest neighborhoods in the area. University Way Northeast, or The Ave (as the locals say), is notable for its vast array of inexpensive ethnic cuisine, coffee shops and exciting nightlife. Though UW students congregate on The Ave, many of the bars cater to more seasoned patrons.


Ballard is known for being the center of Seattle’s fishing industry and its large Scandinavian population. Popular Ballard attractions include the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks, known locally as the Ballard Locks. The Locks act as ship elevator; the boats are raised and lowered so that they can pass to and from Seattle’s lakes and Puget Sound. Golden Gardens Park, located on the water, is a popular place for University of Washington students to have bonfires.


Located northwest of Downtown, Magnolia is the second largest Seattle neighborhood by area and home to the 534-acre Discovery Park. Containing nearly 12 miles of walking trails, Discovery Park is Seattle’s largest park. Magnolia is a hilly peninsula bordered by Salmon Bay to the north and Elliot Bay to the south.

Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill is the center of Seattle’s gay and lesbian community and also home to the city’s counterculture. Capitol Hill has long been a destination for seekers of vibrant Seattle nightlife—gay and straight alike.

Belltown (Downtown)

Seattle’s Belltown, located on the city’s downtown waterfront, is a neighborhood containing excellent restaurants, various boutiques, nightclubs and bars. The Olympic Sculpture Park and Myrtle Edwards Park are both great places in Belltown to escape the city for a few minutes of relaxation.

International District

Seattle doesn’t have a formal Chinatown or Japantown like other major cities, rather Seattle's people of Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Vietnamese, Korean, Laotian and Cambodian decent form the International District (or as Seattleites say: ID), making a vibrant multi-ethnic community. Uwajimaya Village, a large Japanese and Asian grocery store and shopping center is located in the heart of the ID. Some of Seattle's best food can be found in the ID, along with great shopping and nightlife.

— Seattle neighborhood reviews by David Backes