Neighborhood Bars in Seattle

Seattle's neighborhood bars provide a relaxing place to drink and a great atmosphere for getting to know the city and its inhabitants better. Seattle's neighborhood bars are known for serving up Northwest's best microbrews and imports—Seattleites take their beer seriously and don't particularly enjoy slamming Bud Lights back all night, unless they happen to be in the University District where anything with an alcohol content goes. Big Time Brewery & Alehouse serves up some of the best brews in Seattle and gets packed with University of Washington students and professors. Dad Watson's, in addition to having delicious beer on tap, grills one of Seattle's best burgers. The best part about Seattle's neighborhood bars is that the first time visitors enter, the laid back atmosphere immediately makes them feel like regulars.

4133 University Way NE Seattle WA 98105
2313 4th Ave Seattle WA 98121
526 Queen Anne Ave N Seattle WA 98109
922 E Pike St Seattle WA 98122
5429 Ballard Ave NW Seattle WA 98107
6711 Greenwood Ave N Seattle WA 98103
6423 Latona Ave NE Seattle WA 98115
9219 35th Ave NE Seattle WA 98115
4226 E Madison St Seattle WA 98112
705 NW 70th St Seattle WA 98117

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