Seattle wineries and tasting rooms offer a variety of wines and unique tasting experiences. Many of the artisan wineries in the city have won awards for their wines, so enthusiasts need not venture into the countryside to taste rich varieties of their favorite wines. It should be noted, however, that most of the wineries in Seattle are supplied by growers throughout Eastern Washington, where most of the state’s wines and grapes are produced.

Some organizations in Seattle cater to tourists with an interest in wineries, and several wine tour companies take guests to wineries throughout the city or nearby, offering insight into the region and its vast wine selection. However, a self-guided tour of Seattle wine destinations is also an option worth considering. Below are some of our favorite wineries and tasting rooms in Seattle.

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[Photo Credit: Domanico Cellars]

  • Bartholomew Winery

    3100 Airport Way

    Located south of downtown in a historic brick building known as the Old Rainier Brewing Building, Bartholomew Winery is perhaps the most unique of Seattle’s wineries. The owner Bart Fawbush, for whom the winery is named, prides himself on incorporating lesser-known grape varieties like Carmenere, Souzao and Tannat. The methods may be unusual, but the results speak for themselves. Bartholomew Winery is also unique for fermenting its wines in Western Washington, purchasing the grapes from growers on the east side of the state before processing and bottling them to be sold.

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  • Lost River Tasting Room

    2003 Western Ave.

    The Lost River Winery, near downtown, offers affordable tastings and high-quality wines in a location convenient to visitors exploring the City Center and Pike Place Market. The winery is family-owned and operated with grapes grown and fermented on a property in Mazama, Washington. Some of their most consistently excellent wines include the Pinot Gris, Nebbiolo, Cedarosa and Massif. Though the winery is often packed due to its prime location, the service never suffers for it and the wines are always well priced and delicious.

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  • Domanico Cellars

    825 NW 49th St.

    Domanico Cellars originally operated from small bungalow home in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood, but has since expanded to include a larger warehouse tasting room in Ballard and vineyards in Prosser in Eastern Washington. The tasting room in Ballard serves wines grown at the property in Prosser as well as other Washington state varietals from local growers. Despite its warehouse setting and the fact that the owners now live outside the city, Domanico Cellars retains the cozy feeling of a family-owned establishment thanks to the welcoming staff and easygoing environment.

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  • The Tasting Room

    1924 Post Alley

    True to its name, the Tasting Room is not a winery but a tasting room operated by a collective of Washington wineries. Located right in the heart of Pike Place Market, it convenient way to try a variety of unique, often rare wines grown throughout Washington. Every glass here comes from a winemaker-owned winery in Washington, which generally means limited production. The venue’s roomy, wooden interiors provide comfortable rustic retreat away from the bustling market scene.

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  • Stomani Cellars and Winery

    1403 Dexter Ave.

    Located only a short walk away from the west side of Lake Union, Stomani Cellars crafts their wine in this urban setting using ingredients grown in and shipped directly from Eastern Washington. The Cellars specialize in red wines, including Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon as well as lesser-known varietals like Aglianico. The family-owned operation is intimate but expansive throughout the state, and their website includes a list of shops and restaurants where you can find their award-winning wines throughout Washington.

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  • Ward Johnson Winery

    1445 Elliott Ave.

    This Queen Anne winery is another in the long line of charming family-owned Seattle wineries. Though their vineyard is small, their wines are prestigious and the winery is known for its customer service. Many of their wines have won awards, including the 2008 Merlot and the 2010 Syrah, which won honors at the 2012 and 2014 Seattle Wine Awards, respectively. The Counterbalance Chardonnay is similarly excellent.

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