Seattle has an almost unnaturally large amount of dance clubs. This may be because after being cooped up in the cold for months on end leads locals to want to grind against strangers in sweaty euphoria. Or maybe not. But does it really matter? Seattle has great places to dance, so let's leave it at that. Fenix Underground is a tri-level dance club in Pioneer Square that has been attracting locals and visitors for years. For a gay friendly dance club, Neighbours is there for those who simply want to have a great night out. Yet another Pioneer Square dance club (starting to see a pattern?) is the Last Supper Club. This Seattle dance club features some of the best house and hip-hop that the city has to offer. Of course, Pioneer Square isn't the only place to go clubbing in Seattle, it just may be the most convenient—one cover charge grants admission to many of these dance clubs. Also, Belltown, Fremont and the University District have plenty of booty shaking dance clubs practically next door to each other.

807 1st Ave Seattle WA 98104
85 Pike St Seattle WA 98101
2218 Western Ave Seattle WA 98121
1114 Howell St Seattle WA 98101
166 S King St Seattle WA 98104
915 E Pine St Seattle WA 98122
1600 Melrose Ave Seattle WA 98122
172 S Washington St Seattle WA 98104
1325 E Madison St Seattle WA 98122
1207 Pine St Seattle WA 98101

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